Handbags and Business Satchels


Tani Tote Shopper – R650 (Not Lined

Shopper Sling – R650 (Not Lined)


Front and Back (Lined with inside pocket)

Red/Burgandy Shopper  – R850 

Front and Back (Lined with inside pocket)

Beige and Brown Shopper – R950

Brown Shopper  – R950 (Include pouch)

 Front and Back 

 Elite Shopper R1,250

Multi Colour Shopper – R950


Katy – R450

Sarah – R450

Baker – R550

Gingham – R600

Laptop Bags

Laptop Crossbag – R600 (Soft Bag not lined)

Backpack (Not lined) – R600

Laptop Messenger – R600

All bags are lined with traditional sweswe for durability and strength